Jay & Raj, Enduristan Malaysia

With a shared love for motorcycles, Jay (left) & Raj (right) bring their unique passions to the forefront of their business, Mototekka. Jay's journey into the world of motorcycles began with a Honda Wave 100 cub, which faithfully accompanied him throughout his college years. Jay's thirst for exploration is moved him on to a Honda CB500X which he still commutes on daily, after 9 years. Raj, on the other hand, is a weekend speed junkie, drawn to the exhilaration of sport bikes. Starting with his father's Honda EX5 cub, he quickly developed a fervor for two-wheeled excitement. Now astride a BMW S1000RR, Raj channels his passion for speed and adrenaline into every ride. Together, Jay and Raj coalesce their experiences and expertise to create unforgettable experiences for fellow adventurers, with their diverse backgrounds and unwavering dedication


Enduristan is still fully privately owned by the founders David and Isabel Jenni, Christoph von Ow and our marketing manager Stefano Bucher.